Weetwood Cheshire Vodka
Weetwood Distillery

Weetwood Cheshire Vodka

We have created an authentic spirit of substance and character. Creamy soft mouthfeel and a sumptuous implosion of peppery sweetness, our silky vodka is perfect in a Martini or just straight up.

James Bond would ask for ‘Medium vodka dry Martini – with a slice of lemon peel. Shaken and not stirred.’ In Dr No he expressed a preference for Russian or Polish vodka, but that was back in the Sixties. He’d raise an approving eyebrow today at the way we at Weetwood Distillery, based in the heart of Cheshire, ferment the finest English wheat and barley malt which we then lovingly triple-distil in very small batches to produce this distinctive Cheshire vodka.

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