Pale Ale Beer Box
British Local Craft

Pale Ale Beer Box

Want a box of our fantastic products but can't narrow down the list because we have so many amazing products, don't worry! We have done all the hard work for you! 

This fabulous pale ale beer box includes 

1. Tiny Rebel Cali Can 330ml Can

2. Saltaire Brewery Zipwire 330ml Can

3. Saltaire Brewery Citra Pale 500ml Bottle

4. Hambleton Ales Session Pale Ale 500ml Bottle

5. Long Man Brewery American Pale 500ml Bottle

6. Salopian Brewery Lemon Dream 500ml Bottle

7. Purple Moose Elderflower Ale 500ml Bottle

8. Boss Brewery Boss Boom 500ml Bottle

9. Pheasantry Brewery PA Pale Ale 500ml Bottle

10. Bradfield Brewery Farmers Pale Ale 500ml Bottle

11. Ilkley Brewery Ilkley Pale Ale 500ml Bottle

12. Titanic Brewery Iceberg 500ml Bottle

*Please note any products out of stock at the time of your order will be substituted. 

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