Who are British Local Craft?

We're British Local Craft. We care about quality food and drink products that are produced in Britain. We champion eclectic and memorable products that make the perfect gift for those that appreciate artisan products made with real authenticity. We understand and value the passion put into creating stand-out craft products that people won't have come across before.

What does British Local Craft do?

We are experts at seeking out the best locally produced foods, snacks and drinks from all four corners of the United Kingdom. Our products are hand-picked and offer an authentic and unique experience, from the Highlands of Scotland to the Valleys of Wales! There is something to represent every region.

What type of products do you stock?

We have a range of wine, cider, spirits, mixers, biscuits, cakes and sweet treats for you to browse. From 'Weasel Wort beer' to 'Cruncher Cheddar', we hand-select the best quality and one-of-a-kind products that will put a smile on the recipient's face instantly. Check our shop regularly for newly added products and your all-time favourites too.

Is British Local Craft an eco-aware brand?

Delivered in an eco-friendly way with recyclable and upcycled boxes, marked with our union jack branding, we are a trusted brand with loyal clientele that come back to buy from us time and time again.

How do I get my items listed in your shop?

Please get in touch using our contact page.

How do I find specific items I’m looking for in your shop?

On our shop page you can browse our items by clicking on the various collections we have available or you can use the search functionality at the top of the page.

What is your delivery turnaround like?

It's Quick! We use DHL Express to ensure you get your parcel in 24-48 hours (excluding weekends) You are kept up to date with where your parcel is and when it's going to be delivered with DHL notifications sent to your email address and mobile

Help! I can’t choose between the products you sell, do you do hampers or boxes?

Yes! We have a few collections that we’ve put together pulling in the best of the best whether it’s craft beers, spirits, wines, mixers, ciders, crisps, snacks, or sweet treats. We can help you narrow down the selection to best suit your taste.

Can I send products as a gift?

Absolutely! Include a gift card with a personalised message so that the recipient knows that you selected the products especially for them.